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Feel free to send any questions or comments to: Robert@RobertWestfield.com


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may be sent to:
Leslie Cohen, Director of Publicity
Harper Perennial
10 East 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022-5299
(212) 207-7490

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(because tours can be longer than three minutes)

If you live in New York or are visiting in the near future and would like to book a live tour with Robert or other licensed guides who appear in Little Bytes of the Big Apple, contact tours@robertwestfield.com.

We provide tours only, although we’d be more than happy to recommend hotels and restaurants. Transportation could be provided for an additional charge.

These are private tours customized for you, and would be arranged before the day of the tour, whether you'd like an overall orientation, an exploration of one particular neighborhood or park, or an in-depth tour of a museum. Some of my favorite tours include:

Central Park--a walk through the greatest artistic masterpiece of 19th-century America. Enter and exit in less than an hour or take the complete hike from 59th to 110th.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hudson Heights and the Cloisters

A Literary and Historical Tour of Greenwich Village

Wall Street--A tour of Lower Manhattan from 1625 to the present (the year 1724 not included)

A Suspension Tour--Visit some of the locations featured in the novel with a stroll, of course, over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Or any of the tours that you've watched on this site. Remember that for every location,
we edit out much information, restricting ourselves to three-minute bytes and to material
that is best served by video.

If I’m unavailable, several of the others involved in the bytes might be. Licensed guides for the city of New York who appear in Little Bytes include:

Cayce Crown
Janice Goldberg
Walter Hershman
Nina Kane
Doug Nervik
Jeff Plunkett
Zora Rasmussen
Bruce Roberts
Elizabeth Meadows Rouse
Marta Sanders
Travis Stroessenreuther



If you haven’t read Suspension yet or would like to buy autographed copies for friends and/or family, you can purchase the book(s) through Paypal.  I will personalize your copy and mail it to you anywhere in the continental United States for the price of $20 per book, which covers shipping and handling.  Be sure to leave your preferred inscription and mailing address in the paypal notes section or send the information to me via author@robertwestfield.com.

With your purchase through this Web site, you'll receive a complimentary copy of

Harper Perennial's fabulous new zine, "Take a Stranger Home," which includes

excerpts from the PS sections of the books by their debut authors.

         (This offer is good for as long as supplies last.)

The book can also be purchased, without autograph, for a lower price at any book retailer
including online stores such as:

order from amazon.com / order from barnesandnoble.com / order from powells.com

I saw an autographed copy on ebay for $200...but that's just nuts.

Or is it?



Little Bytes of the Big Apple is not government funded or affiliated with

any of the major (or even minor) television networks.

Shocking, I know, but true. 
If you’re a fan and would like to see more, any contribution big or small,

would be greatly appreciated.



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